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Technology – Driven Traffic Management Solutions Witnessing High Management

We know huge productivity is lost when people get stuck in traffic, hurting economic development and debasing environment. In Australia there is a huge encouragement for companies promoting cost-effective traffic solutions to augment in various cities and towns.

What are the Causes for Traffic Congestion?

The number of cars is increasing motorists are time starved and population is spurting all across cities calling for planning, technology and innovation. Now there are specialized companies adept in traffic control, planning and engineering spearheading professional traffic management and they are working as game changers.

As a result new investments in planning, engineering technologies. Now technology-driven barriers, innovative signages and intensive training methods are ensuring better safety and traffic planning skills.

Some New Methods to Reduce Traffic Congestion

The introduction of many engineering and planning solutions that map out projects are easing traffic congestion unlike the past. In fact the engineering solutions are the key to implementing linkages for achieving a ‘no delay’ environment.

Role of Technology in Traffic Management Solutions

As can be seen Technology is the biggest panacea to solve all traffic related issues. Results are there to see as to how the implementation of engineering systems is cutting traffic delays.

You can be surprised at the level of innovation happening in globally. Innovative companies like the Spain based Bitcarrier is using Bluetooth and Wifi signals from smart phones and global positioning system (GPS) devices to provide highly accurate, real-time traffic solutions.

Deploying sensors across a city it beams data to a control center every five seconds so that the planners and infrastructure operators can update on the traffic density and vehicle speed.

Impact of Sensor-based Traffic management Solutions

This sensor based traffic system helps to reduce congestion in the following way. As the data sent through a private cloud-computing network the controllers can manage traffic flows by adjusting routes, traffic light timings, opening specific routes, and altering street directions through reversible lanes.

The traditional systems of the camera-based exercises to capture images of car license plates is becoming obsolete. Under the new innovation vehicle journey times are being cut by 20 per cent.

How Does Traffic Management for Events becomes Special?

Traffic management for events is always challenging. But those occasions can be addressed by measures like managing the huge traffic and adding larger parking space. It needs working out schemes with event organizers, the police and emergency services. The solutions include making of temporary one-way systems, suspension of parking bays, resorting to road closures, extended waiting, loading restrictions and long operations in controlled Parking Zones.

Which are the new Processes revolutionizing traffic management?

Certain engineering processes are also making traffic management a happening area. Steps like micro-simulation modelling and parking facility design are worth mentioning. In Micro-simulation modelling engineering takes a mathematical route to prove how traffic capacity can be maintained or improved in a particular period of time.

In parking design, the modelling software tracks the paths of vehicles operating in a designated area for creating more parking layouts to forestall accidents, if any.


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