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Surveillance Technology in ITS Systems

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Surveillance Technology in ITS Systems

Surveillance technology is utilized for a wide variety of uses. The ITS industry uses surveillance technology for everything from ANPR in license plate recognition, to parking lot surveillance. One reason that surveillance is used is for public safety. Some statistics show that over 80% of crimes that occur at offices, and retail outlets take place in the parking lot.

Parking lots therefore are in need of unique security solutions to protect customers, and businesses. Installing video cameras in your parking lot can enhance your image as a safe space, while reducing theft, and reducing liability threats. However, weather disruptions, or stolen or vandalized cameras are a threat that parking lot management will need to foresee, and prevent.

Parking management system providers often offer options for video surveillance. Many even offer options for high definition HDTV surveillance 24/7. If your business cannot staff your control room on a 24/7 basis, then many parking management system providers also offer live operators, or can connect you with an appropriate outsourcing company. These parking management system providers can offer very high quality solutions for your entire parking systems in addition to surveillance video technology. Be sure to ask about all-in-one solutions, which can help to streamline your parking management.

Configuring your parking system management solution, along with the video surveillance needed to monitor your parking lot, will most likely require a custom solution. You’ll need to work with a parking management system provider to determine how video surveillance could best work for your parking lots. Parking system management managers will ask you various questions about the security of your facility in the past, to potential security risks, so that they can help you to engineer a plan to best meet your needs. They can also help you to install your surveillance cameras in your parking lot to ensure that all areas of the lot can be seen by the cameras. This is vital for the security of your facility, so it is recommended to get expert assistance when setting up your surveillance cameras.

One exciting update in video surveillance is the potential use in automated valet parking. Honda is currently developing self-parking car technology, which would eliminate the hassle of finding a parking spots for customers who are out for a day at the mall. This new technology would use your car’s camera, as well as parking system surveillance technology to park the car. Networking systems would detect where the car is dropped off. Then, available spaces would be analyzed, and the system would take over control of the car after the occupants exited the vehicle. The system would then utilize drive-by-wire throttle to take control of the steering and brakes to park the car automatically.

Even more astounding, this automatic valet parking system by Honda would allow multiple cars to be parked simultaneously. It is reportedly cheaper to manage than sensor-based systems. This automated valet parking system is set to hit the market around 2020.

Photo:By Erich Hochstöger

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